Groin Injuries, Much More than Training or Match Loss

Injuries to the groin or inguinal region – the area of the body that joins the lower abdomen to the upper thighs – are common among football players.

Soleus Muscle: Anatomical Variability and Injury Prognosis

The soleus muscle is part of the calf, together with several small muscles and the two gastrocnemius muscles, commonly known as calves, located at the back of the leg, just below the knee.

Anterior cruciate ligament injuries – a threat to women’s football

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries have become one of the biggest concerns in women’s football.

How common are injuries in professional female footballers?

With the professionalisation of female football, the demand for training and matches has significantly increased in the last years. As a result, the overall injury rate is already similar to that of male football and the percentage of serious injuries is even higher.

Chronic and recurrent rectus femoris central tendon ruptures in football players 

The rectus femoris is a muscle located in the anterior compartment of the quadriceps and it has a double function.

Information Exchange between Club and the National Football Team: a Common Action Plan for Injury Prevention

Professional football players can be called up for National Team duty at various points in the year including short periods of ~10 days in competitive seasons and every couple of years a major international tournament is played.

Patellar tendon and its adaptation to training loads

Tendons are fibrous tissue structures originated in the muscle and which get inserted into the bone. Their function is very similar to the one of the ligaments, a fibrous cord connecting two bones.

The role of psychology in tendinopathy treatment

Tendinopathy is a frequent pain in amateur and elite athletes. Its persistence can have a negative psychological impact and, consequently, a difficult rehab.

Injury incidence of LaLiga football players after the lockdown

The irruption of COVID-19 in football resulted in the suspension of the Spanish league (LaLiga Santander) and a lockdown for many weeks. Consequently, football players’ daily routines were completely affected.