Investment and return: why sponsors pay millions to their sports stars

Roger Federer is the third best-paid celebrity by sponsors in 2020 and the first among the athletes on the list.

Raising Venture Capital can be a game changer… but bootstapping is the way to start

Capital is one of the key resources you will need to develop your business. When it comes to growing your business, you need to pay close attention to how and when cash is produced.

White sport or black lives matter: is there room for claiming rights in competition?

It made the news in June, and a change of attitude took place from one of the most commercially successful star players: Michael Jordan.

Are there different football cultures in each country? Differences between the premier league and La Liga

In the football world, it seems to be a generally accepted the fact that there are different sports cultures in each country.

A historical debt with women’s football

On 26th December 1920, a Women’s Premier League match was held at the Goodison Park stadium in Liverpool.

Is Venture Capital right for you?

For many entrepreneurs raising venture capital (VC) is what brings reality to the dream.

Naming rights for big clubs

Few teams have been reluctant to change the name of their stadiums like the European teams. Giving part of their identity to a brand is something a lot of fans are not willing to do.

How to combine match day and non-match day in the business model.

The state-of-the-art model for stadium management, which is already widely established in the US, has been largely applied to the European market and in the rest of the world.

China confuses me: understanding our followers in the Asian country

The biggest European football teams have two to four times more followers on social networks than the populations of their own countries. Asians represent the largest portion of these foreign fans, and most particularly China.

Why do digital products create so much equity value?

The greatest innovations over the last twenty years have been created by digital products.