How Did a Player Become a Brand? Michael Jordan and the NBA

Michael Jordan is not history. Or maybe he is, but he certainly does not belong to the past, especially not his trainers, the first merchandising product linked to a sports star that paved the way for the creation of global brands from singular players’ names.

Will my product make a difference?

Transnational fans: The new asset for clubs does not have a passive role

Be an entrepreneur to change the world of sports!

The world of sports is undergoing a revolution in how people play, watch and enjoy their favourite activities.

Football tourism: tourism revolution or football revolution?

“Visca el Barça, visca Catalunya i visca Fuentealbilla” (Long live Barça, Catalonia and Fuentealbilla). These historic words by Andrés Iniesta after winning the treble in 2009 also sparked a revolution for tourism.

3 hours or 90 minutes: the benefits of having fans inside and around the stadium

It is a cultural and historical heritage what separates the way in which fans enjoy sports in Europe and the US.

The Democratisation of Sports Broadcasting with Pixellot

It is possible to watch all matches of any sport, all categories, male, or female, including lower divisions, and even matches between fans. This scenario is now possible thanks to the technology.

Conflicts of interest: the influence sponsors in sports cancellations

Never in the modern history of sports were major sporting events expected to be cancelled or postponed. Neither those that are planned long in advance, such as the Olympics, nor those happening every year, such as the national and international leagues.

New opportunities in the day after: sponsorship contracts in 2021

2020 was going to be a historic year for sports sponsorship. Major sponsors have kept their investments, while companies that were most affected by the pandemic have drastically reduced their advertising and sponsorship budgets.

Multinaming: When a Giant Looks for a Stadium

The third source of income for a club’s sponsorship, is the naming rights of the stadium.