Blood flow restriction to improve performance and injury recovery

Blood flow restriction or BFR has become popular in the last few years in the training and physical therapy field.

The Effects of Confinement on Athletes

Many countries have had to implement numerous preventive strategies due to the pandemic, and confinement is one of the most notable ones.

Apps to assess and monitor athletic performance

The routine monitoring of training loads and athletes’ fitness is an essential process to ensure an optimal performance progression.

Gil Rodas: “Barça medical services have to be prudent, but never conservative”

Their mission at Barça is to work outside the immediacy of everyday life. Not to look just at the next game or the next season, but by means of the scientific method to look miles beyond the present, within a decade.

Effects of heading the ball on the health of footballers

Forensic neuropathologist Bennet Omalu had no idea that the autopsy he was about to perform would turn the all-powerful National Football League on its head.


In 2008, neuroscientist John-Dylan Haynes conducted a set of experiments at the Bernstein Centre for Computational Neuroscience (Berlin) with the goal to learn more about the mechanisms of free will in human beings.

A step forward in the classification of muscle injuries

Muscle injuries are one of the main concerns in sports performance.

Monitoring fatigue with blood markers. The case of the German National Team in World Cups and European Championships

The international tournaments of national teams represent an important change in the players’ regular workload.

What factors are involved in hamstrings injury?

Hamstrings injury is the most frequent muscle injury in sports that require high speeds, such as football, rugby or American football.

The subacromial impingement syndrome does not alter the order of muscle activation during physiological movements of the shoulder

Shoulder problems are quite common, with 30% of people suffering pain in this part of the body at some moment in their lives.