Executive Program in Esport Management

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Do you want to learn how a traditional Club such as FC Barcelona create a successful esports team step by step? They will tell you!
Through the top professional in the esports field, you will navigate 360º in this exponentially growing market. The Executive Program in Esport Management with FC Barcelona is a unique experience that will provide you with the correct tools to be the Professional that the market is waiting for.

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January 2024

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June 2024

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6 months

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Online campus

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Executive Program in Esport Management

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You are a marketing and communication lover and want to know what opportunities esports offers you to connect with new audiences.
You are an innovative person and see esports as a possible field for developing new businesses.
You like the world of sports and see esports as an exciting field to develop your career in the future.
You like playing video games and you want to professionalize your passion in the world of esports.
You are a business consultant interested in the esports and video games sector and its development as a new entertainment industry.


  • Mobile esports.
  • Big data and Blockchain.
  • AR/VR.
  • Metaverse & Crypto Assets
  • Game Development and Market Dynamics


  • Broadcast Platforms.
  • Audiovisual for Brands and Agencies.
  • Contents for Clubs and Press.
  • Audiovisual production of Events and Competitions.
  • Materials and Equipment.

  •  Gaming Comunnication & Market Research.
  • Voice Chat, Social Media and Virtual Reality.
  • Branding in Videogames.
  • Functions of the Comunity Manager.
  • Sport Data Web Scrabing with Python.
  • KPI ́s and Objectives.


  • New Technologies in the Digital Content Creation.
  • Personal Brand.
  • Content Generation.
  • Tokenization & Monetization.

  • Operations Management in Gaming.
  • Project Management in Competition.
  • Competitive esports Landscape.
  • Your Team.
  • Planning.
  • Talent Management.


After completing this Master, you will be able to work in the following areas:

  • Audiovisual content:
    Head of audiovisual production for leagues, tournaments and esports events.
    Responsible for PR of an esports team.
    Journalist specialized in esports.
    Broadcaster of esports broadcasts.
    Responsible for communication of an esports team.
    Responsible for communication of an esports league.
  • Esports Business:
    Head of production of leagues and tournaments.
    Marketing director of an esports organization.
    Sales Director of an esports organization.
    Esports project manager (team, league, tournament and event).
    Head of production of sporting events.
    Expert in esports for marketing and communication agencies.
    Expert in esports for communication in consumer brands.
    Entrepreneurship in the esports industry.