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Created by FCB experts and backed by the unrivaled Blaugrana experience.
At Barça Innovation Hub, we know your team's growth extends far beyond the field of play.
In today's world where innovation and knowledge are crucial for success, laying a solid foundation for your organization's growth is vital, and we can achieve that together.

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An education experience unlike any other.

To exponentially amplify the impact of knowledge from every corner of the globe, Barça has built a worldwide network of educational and sports institutions.

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Barça Innovation Hub is the digital platform for the transmission of knowledge, which makes it possible to value and share knowledge with the world through training programs.

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In order to exponentially increase the scope and impact of the knowledge generated in all corners of the globe, Barça has a global network made up of different institutions linked to the educational and sports sector, who are responsible for the promotion of Barça online programs in their respective countries and/or regions.

What does Barça Innovation Hub offer?

  • Scalable enrollment to massively and seamlessly integrate your entire workforce into our program.
  • Exclusive feedback for those enrolled. Dedicated support by experts specialized in the relevant topics, ready to meet any need.
  • Exclusive access to top-tier resources at a special rate, driving sports development.
  • Premium content created by FCB’s experts, covering leadership strategies to sports management techniques.
  • Constantly updated with the latest trends and the Club’s proven methodology.
  • All programs provide a certificate of participation upon enrollment. You can also earn a Passing Certificate by meeting the requirements. 
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