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66 pages | Language: English

High-Performance Nutritional Cuisine: Practical Recipes for Football

Maria Antonia Lizarraga, Mireia Porta, Franchek Drobnic, Ian Rollo, Montse Illan and Xavier Torrado
Made by FC Barcelona’s Nutrition Department together with Gatorade Sports Science Institute and the University of Barcelona, this cookbook brings together 25 high-performance recipes in terms of gastronomy, nutrition and sport. The recipes are presented together with symbols to help you quickly and easily understand how to practically apply them.
السعر: € 70

Football Analytics: Now and Beyond - A deep dive into the current state of advanced data analytics

EDITORS: Angel Ric, Raúl Peláez
SECTION LEADERS: Julen Castellano, Nicolas Evans, Javier Fernández, Daniel Link, Lucca Pappalardo, Daniel Memmert, Sam Robertson, Jaime Sampaio, Manuel Stein, Jan Van Haaren
It is important that sports scientists work very closely with athletes and coaches in order to understand the problems they face when making decisions based on uncertainty and the need to respond immediately to a series of events. The challenge is to process data and transform these observations into knowledge, and this knowledge into answers. This publication explores and explains the current situation of football analysis to encourage people from all over the world to enter this new and exciting sports effort to apply data to football.
السعر: € 70
189 pages | Language: English
147 pages | Language: English

Sports Nutrition for Football: An Evidence-based Guide for Nutrition Practice at FC Barcelona

Ian Rollo, Asker Jeukendrup, James Carter, Ma Antonia Lizarraga, Franchek Drobnic, C.Daniel Media Leal
The aim of the current book is to summarise the evidence on which practical nutrition recommendations at FCB are based. All information is gathered from peer reviewed research, and review articles as well as expert consensus statements. This book summarizes the main views and stresses the new findings (with references to the most recent publications). This is not a comprehensive review of the literature, but a summary of the current thinking.
السعر: € 70

Muscle Injury Guide: Prevention of and Return to Play from Muscle Injuries

EDITORS: Ricard Pruna, Thor Einar Andersen, Ben Clarsen, Alan McCall
At FC Barcelona we believe that the creation, integration and delivery of an effective and efficient medical and performance program requires an evidence led approach, using the best of research knowledge combined with our many years of practical experience. We also believe strongly in sharing our knowledge and experiences among the football and sports community globally. This guide is intended to provide some key ingredients that you can adapt and integrate appropriately into your own practice.
السعر: € 70
203 pages | Language: English

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