The center for sports knowledge and innovation


The Club has accumulated knowledge in different spheres over many years, which has been organized into seven transversal, interrelated areas.


We seek to empower players’ self-organization and autonomy through creative and distinctive work.

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Analysis and Sports Technology

We integrate non-invasive tools that improve the day-to-day lives of our athletes and staff.

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fan engagement and big data

We work to better understand the needs of each one of our fans and to create new, interactive, and personalized experiences based on that information.

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Social Impact

We use sports as a tool for developing communities at risk of social exclusion.

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Sports Performance

We improve our athletes physical preparation using a systemic and integrative approach.

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Health and Wellness

We research and develop cutting-edge solutions for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and return to play (training and competition) for our players.

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Smart Facilities

Alongside Espai Barça, we are developing and incorporating a variety of new technologies to build a connected, energy efficient, and operationally effective campus.

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