Strategies to improve fan engagement

The industry is at a point in which fan loyalty and engagement are extremely important for the sports and economic development of a club. How is this obtained?

The future of live broadcast

Live broadcast will not vanish, but it is rapidly adapting to new ways of content consumption.

Assigning different arrival times to fans based on their profile to optimize the stadium efficiency

In sports, the audience attending the stadium is key. On the one hand, it is an indicator of the club’s reputation.

Millennials Made Sport Consumption Change Forever

Currently, market analyses about potential clients in the sports industry is highly focused on Generation Z.

Tik Tok consolidates as sports broadcast media

Sport has had a close relationship with mass media since printing turned the written press into a media accessible to every audience.

China confuses me: understanding our followers in the Asian country

The biggest European football teams have two to four times more followers on social networks than the populations of their own countries. Asians represent the largest portion of these foreign fans, and most particularly China.

How Did a Player Become a Brand? Michael Jordan and the NBA

Michael Jordan is not history. Or maybe he is, but he certainly does not belong to the past, especially not his trainers, the first merchandising product linked to a sports star that paved the way for the creation of global brands from singular players’ names.

Will my product make a difference?

Transnational fans: The new asset for clubs does not have a passive role

Filling the void in games without an audience

For the 2020-2021 season, European football has suffered an estimated loss of 4 billion Euros, the NBA has calculated 500 million dollars, the NFL 1,300, and the MLB 200.