What should elite football players eat on training days?

Professional football is constantly evolving, and, at present, it demands players very high physical and technical requirements. In such a strict outlook, nutrition plays a key comprehensive role in optimising elite football players’ performance during the training and the games.

Injury incidence of LaLiga football players after the lockdown

The irruption of COVID-19 in football resulted in the suspension of the Spanish league (LaLiga Santander) and a lockdown for many weeks. Consequently, football players’ daily routines were completely affected.

How genetics might affect injury susceptibility

Are elite athletes born or made? It depends. Genetic factors can positively contribute to sports performance.

What does a football data scientist do?

You have watched hours of tactics videos. You have attended video analyst courses. You have taken a coaching license and trained a local youth team. You have read all the books and every article on the Barcelona Innovation Hub. You have watched the YouTube channels and listened to all the podcasts.

The analytics behind the perfect penalty

After the 2016 summer Olympics, where gold-favorites USA crashed out after a penalty shootout in the quarter-finals against Sweden, the US Women’s National Team’s sporting organization vowed never to lose in this way again. Next major championship they would be prepared. They would take a scientific approach to penalty taking.

How to Become a Professional Football Coach

A football team needs to have good coordination and structure to be competitive. Being a football coach means understanding your players and being capable of providing them with the tools needed to reach their best performance, either individually or as part of the team.

The geometry of shooting and how it affects on scoring

A key principle in the approach to football analytics is to make sure that all data is related back to the game itself.

What are Expected Goals and what do they really tell us?

Expected goals (or xG) are the best-known metric in football analytics. They measure the quality of a chance created. When we say that a shot had an xG of 0.2 (or 20%), we mean that typically shots of this type will be scored 20% of the time.

Women Sport Marks the Way Towards the Future of the Sports Insustry

Just a few days ago, a historic record in women sports WAS broken. FC Barcelona welcomed 91,553 spectators at Camp Nou in the game against Real Madrid last 30 March.

How to increase the probability of scoring in penalties shoot-outs

Penalty shoot-outs are a lottery. Under this perspective, luck seems to be the only factor to consider.