Information Exchange between Club and the National Football Team: a Common Action Plan for Injury Prevention

Professional football players can be called up for National Team duty at various points in the year including short periods of ~10 days in competitive seasons and every couple of years a major international tournament is played.

The importance of rest in the performance of young football players

Studying in the morning, training in the afternoon. From the moment the alarm clock goes off to bed time, the day-to-day of a young athlete is marked by a strict routine that takes most of their working hours up.

Is Milk an Effective Option for Recovery?

Recovery is one of the main processes to improve sports performance. Within the many factors that condition a good recovery, nutrition is one of the main ones.

Do conditions imposed in training tasks affect the physical response of basketball players?

The evolution of elite sport has meant that players undertake high competitive loads caused by schedules packed with extremely demanding matches and practically no rest periods between them.

Analysis of physical performance in basketball, is the traditional average-based approach sufficient to analyse physical demands?

To schedule and prescribe training throughout the season, we need to know the physical demands that occur during competition as accurately as possible, so that exercises can be set that prepare the players to withstand real game situations.

The repetition of most demanding scenarios in team sports.

What if a maximum demand scenario doesn’t only happen once but several times? Straight after asking ourselves the question, we started turning it around in our heads.

Warm-up, post-warm-up, and re-warm-up on explosive actions in team sports

The warm-up plays an important role in exercise by improving the performance and reducing the injury risk.

The effects of a ketogenic diet on athletes

Nutrition plays an essential role for an athletes’ performance and health. One of the nutrients athletes pay more attention to, are carbohydrates.

What is exercise-induced muscle damage?

Exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD) can have important consequences for the performance of athletes as it is associated with muscle pain and a decrease of the neuromuscular function.

The Effects of Confinement on Athletes

Many countries have had to implement numerous preventive strategies due to the pandemic, and confinement is one of the most notable ones.