Decoding THE GAME

Football Analytics

Through different Live Chats curated by our club experts, we will discover what’s going on behind the game.

How are data analysts, team doctors, nutritionists and strength and conditioning coaches helping to enhance players and the collective game? How is a club managed from the inside? Get all the insights from those involved in elite football.

Why do clubs need to embrace analytics to stay competitive?

We will explore what football analytics is and how it serves a great variety of departments within a club. We will cover specific examples of competitive advantages provided by analytics in top football clubs and explore the technical and social challenges that analytics faces within a club, including discussing insights with players and coaches.

Thursday, May 21, 2020
6:00 PM GMT+2

For this first episode we’ll have as speakers

Javier Fernandez - Head of Sports Analytics FC Barcelona

Vosse de Boode - Head of Science & Data Analytics AFC Ajax

David Sumpter – Data Scientist at Hammarby and co-founder of Twelve Football

Adrien Tarascon - Head of Game Analysis and Methodology at AS Monaco