Decoding THE GAME

Health and Wellness

Through different Live Chats curated by our club experts, we will discover what’s going on behind the game.

How are team doctors, nutritionists, analysts and strength and conditioning coaches helping to enhance players and the collective game? How is a club managed from the inside? Get all the insights from those involved in elite football.

Episode 1
The comeback with COVID-19 in elite sports

In this first episode, we will discuss with leading sports physicians, the challenges elite clubs are facing once having players return to normal training sessions under these special circumstances with the coronavirus.

Thursday, May 14, 2020
4:00 PM GMT+2

With us this time we’ll have as speakers

Javier Yanguas (FC Barcelona) Twitter: @javieryanguas

Gil Rodas (FC Barcelona) Twitter: @gilrodasfont

Daniel Medina (Monumental Sports) Twitter: @MedinaDoc

Lluis Til (AS Monaco) Twitter: @TilLluis

Franchek Drobnik (Shanghai SIPG) Twitter: @FranchekDrobnic


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