Ronald Araujo

Listening and learning

At the highest and most competitive level of football, a few centimetres can make all the difference for a player’s positioning. That small distance could be what separates a team from all or nothing. To get the right accuracy when it comes to positioning on the pitch, the modern player has to learn to self-analyse and improve, every day, always heeding the coaches’ instructions. Ronald Araujo is a remarkably mature footballer for his age. During his time in the Barça reserve team, he was able to adapt to European football and the Barça style. In those two years, he managed to improve the technical aspects of his game. He says he only had to do one thing: Listen. Now he is a footballer who analyses his games on video and is concerned about getting information about the opposing strikers that he is going to encounter. He insists that he never stops learning. In fact, it is very important for a footballer to never stop.

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