Vicky Losada

Training to become a 360° player

One of the advantages of being a veteran is that the athlete learns to listen to their body. In order to be a complete footballer, it is essential to do the right training to go into games in the best possible condition in terms of strength, speed and motivation. Without that, talent never shines. Vicky Losada had seen how fit the players are in leagues like those in Germany and England, but she went to the most competitive in the world, the United States, to reach a similar level of performance. When she returned, to keep that form up, she got a personal trainer. After all that learning process, she not only knows what she has to do to be in peak condition, but also the keys to recovering as quickly as possible. She now takes care of even the smallest details. Surrounded by the best professionals, she has been able to get to know her body.

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