Evelina Cabrera, a Barça Universitas student revolutionizing the women football scene

Meet Evelina Cabrera, a former professional football player, a current football coach and trainer, an activist transforming women’s football in Latin America, and in her spare time, a Barça Universitas student. We caught up with Evelina to talk about her studies, her on-going and future projects, and her views on the current and future situation of women’s football.

What does the way in which we celebrate a goal tell us?

Celebrating a goal is an excellent time to check the mental health of a team.1 Immediately after scoring a goal, the player and the team that has scored become the centre of attention of the audience and the media. The actions that football players do in those seconds of joy allow assessing a team’s internal functioning and checking cohesion among the players.

How does the physical and technical-tactical performance of football players evolve throughout their sports career?

Top-level athletes are getting older and older. Technology, materials, nutrition, preparation, injury prevention, financial investment, scientific knowledge, and the excellent level of coaches are some of the factors that have lengthened players’ careers.

Nostalgia is more powerful than we think

We cannot deny the power of nostalgia in our lives. It is a unique defense mechanism, the result of our evolution, and the incredible time machine that we have in our head, our brain.

Psychology and Coaches’ Self-Awareness in Athlete Learning

Coaches are also considered athletes. In the elite world, they are part of the show and cope with pressure as players do. In other categories, their role may not actually be that complicated if they train young athletes, although it is somewhat more special. This is because most of their players’ learning will depend on the coach’s performance, which will influence them throughout their career for better or worse.

Sports Creativity Blockers and Stimulators

The multimedia artist Phil Hansen has explained in a TED Talk how he has created a widely recognized work of art, which surprises the audience due to the techniques he adopts. According to Hansen, the reason for his creativity is, exclusively, his limitations.

Techniques to Control Stress and Anxiety in Sport

Anxiety and stress are two terms that we are unfortunately getting too used to hear.

Emotional intelligence as a shared team quality

It is a proven fact that workers’ or athletes’ emotional intelligence affects their outcomes.

Attention, Concentration and Emotions in Sport

Attention is the ability to correctly detect the environment stimuli. In a football game, for example, there are numerous and varied stimuli.

Sparking creativity in sport

In 1968, Dick Fosbury wowed the world with a brand new high jump technique at the Olympic Games in Mexico.