What does a football data scientist do?

You have watched hours of tactics videos. You have attended video analyst courses. You have taken a coaching license and trained a local youth team. You have read all the books and every article on the Barcelona Innovation Hub. You have watched the YouTube channels and listened to all the podcasts.

The future of live broadcast

Live broadcast will not vanish, but it is rapidly adapting to new ways of content consumption.

FC Barcelona, the most innovative sports club in the world, according to Sports Innovation Lab

FC Barcelona has been crowned this 2022 as the most innovative club in the world in the Top 25 Most Innovative Teams in the World. The study, made by the American consulting firm Sports Innovation Lab , analyzes the 10 most important leagues in the world to create a ranking of the sports clubs which best fan interaction generate.

The IoTwins project. How to improve stadium management through digital simulation

In the framework of the IoT Solutions World Congress, Albert Mundet, director of Barça Innovation Hub, presented last Thursday the IoTwins project. FC Barcelona collaborates in this project financed by European funds. It aims to change the model of management of high-flow infrastructures.

The irruption of sports clubs in Esports

Sports have always been linked to technology. Today, electronic sports have set another turning point.

Live sports seen as a video game

The entertainment industry has evolved by leaps and bounds in the last decades. Hollywood highest grossing films count on highly realistic effects generated by computers which were thought to be impossible to create just 10 years ago.

The boom of sports e-learning

Traditional correspondence courses have been around since the early twentieth century to enable students who couldn’t access full time education to gain knowledge and qualifications to improve themselves.

How sound at new stadiums is improved based on rock

Matt Clifford is keyboardist of Rolling Stones and UEFA anthems arranger. The Champions League anthem 2012 is one of them, for instance.

Traditional sport seeks to compete with eSports using augmented reality

In Barça Sports Tech Week 2019, Steve Palmer, responsible for Data Solutions in the Premier League showed some videos in which the attendees were watching nothing less than the future.

Why does cryptocurrency like sports a lot?

One of the most crowded sports events with 100 million spectators has been renamed this year as «Cryptobowl».