Master in Sports Management and Legal Skills

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The program provides foundational instruction about the sports industry, combined with specific training in sports management (accounting, finance, marketing, personnel management, and analytics) and law (intellectual property law and alternative dispute resolution). After successfully completing their coursework, students will be placed as interns for a period of 3 to 6 months within the top global sports agencies, teams, leagues, law firms, or regulatory bodies, based on their academic profile and professional goals.

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October (anually)

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1 year

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Master in Sports Management and Legal Skills with Fútbol Club Barcelona, ISDE Law School

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1st phase: On-site clases at ISDE Barcelona from Monday to Thursday (15.00 – 19.00) / 2nd phase: Internships


This Master in Sports Management & Legal Skills, by ISDE and FC Barcelona, has been designed for graduates in Business Administration, Law and Economics, as well as for professionals from other fields who wish to develop their careers in the world of sports; and professional athletes who, after having retired from the competition, aspire to continue in the sports field as managers


  • Strategic planning
  • Innovation in Sports
  • Legal Department
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  • International Federations
  • Olympic International Committee and Olympic International Academy
  • EU and – Sports organization. Specificity of sport
  • UEFA
  • US Sports – US College Sports
  • Model of Football Competitions (Champions League)

  • Football Players’ Contract models
  • The Influence of FIFA regulations (Status and Transfer of Players)
  • Transfers and loans of players (national / international)
  • Training compensation / Solidarity mechanism
  • Transfer of Minors

  • Football Player and Coach representation.
  • Club representation.
  • Representation of players on other sports
  • Representation in the US Sport market

  • Sport and work in the EU
    – Professional athletes / amateur athletes
    – Comparative analysis of state regulations
  • EU rules on recognition of professional qualifications in the field of sport
  • Alterations in the development of the employment relationship: national teams
  • The free movement of workers vs. restriction clauses
  • Employment Contracts on the US market

  • Management of international events Exploitation of assets
  • Legal Aspects of the Organization of Major Sports Events
  • FIFA bidding process
  • Moto GP Licensing and Sponsorship programs

  • Liability in Sports
  • Governance in Sport

  • General concepts of marketing. Scope. Strategies. Markets
  • Sports marketing. Definition. The industry. The Athletes. Sports entities
  • Brands. Brand management. Image rights
  • Market research
  • Sponsorship
  • Merchandising. Kit suppliers
  • Media rights (TV, radio, internet)
  • Marketing plan. Marketing agencies
  • Communication in sport
  • TV production and management

  • Strategic planning. Organization and management
  • Strategic Management. Data Analysis
  • Human resources and Risk management
  • Leadership in sports
  • Change and transitional management in sports
  • Management of sports facilities
  • Motivation in the frame of the structural organization
  • Management of a Sports Association, the Catalan Tennis Federation
  • Management in football clubs
  • Event Operations Management

  • Integrity.
  • Integrity and match fixing
  • Betting Doping.
  • Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs)
  • Proof of doping. Results Management

  • Introduction to mediation and arbitration in sports
  • Introduction to TAS-CAS: structure and function. Procedures
  • The practice of a lawyer before CAS/ Relevant case law

  • Comparative analysis & Tax Planning
  • Direct and undirect taxes & Tax benefits
  • Taxation of income from exploitation of image rights & Taxation of Sponsorhip
  • Finance Direction of Clubs

  • The importance of IP in the sports industry. EUIPO. IP in the US
  • Brands and distinctive signs
  • The new role of digital content on sponsorship and media rights
  • Ambush Marketing

  • Sports Leadership
  • Global expansion of sport
  • Sports Innovation
  • Women sports
  • Sports Organization
  • Practical Case
  • Moto GP
  • European Championships

  • eSports: introduction to the industry
  • eSports: Formation, competition system and management of a professional league


After completing this Master, you will be able to work in the following areas:

  • Management of sports organizations
  • Law Offices
  • Sports Agent
  • Sports Consulting
  • Sports Equipment Industry
  • Sports Centers
  • Federations
  • Leagues
  • Clubs and Associations
  • Training and education
  • Management in sports service companies
  • Organization of sporting events