Invisible training

Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of so-called invisible training, which means all aspects related to lifestyle. For Mapi León it was essential to specialise in nutrition because she wanted to learn to manage the energy she needed for each game and at the same time lose weight so she could play faster and with greater agility. These acquired habits are not seen by the coach or the fans. They only get noticed on the pitch. Mapi León recommends getting properly psyched to do these things because they not only improve one’s game, but also help to prevent injuries. She cites the example of weight being crucial for keeping joints in trim. Ultimately, to play among the elite, a player needs to learn to be disciplined enough to eat properly and get enough rest. Not being able to do the same things as people who are not professional athletes is sometimes viewed as a challenge, but it’s essential in order to be part of the elite. Something that, as she says, it is not hard if it’s something you really want.

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