Manual de Benvinguda


You are now a part of Barça Innovation Hub – Universitas.

We are very grateful you have chosen us and we intend for you to have a truly effective learning experience, combining quality and personalized education with the efficiency and flexibility of the online world.

We would like to offer you the service and technological context so that you can start benefiting right away with an effective way to learn that is integrated to your life and your times. For this reason, we are sharing this guide with you, in which you will find all the details you need to follow your chosen course.

In this guide, you will find detailed information on each of the key points you will need to know for your course. We invite you to go through it and familiarise yourself with its contents, as it will surely be of great use to you.

If you don’t find an answer to your question, refer to the Service Center, select ‘Are you having a problem with the course?’ and write your query in the text box. We will be in touch with you shortly in order to give you the support you need.

We will now share with you the topics included in this guide so you can make the most of your experience in Barça Innovation Hub – Universitas.

Program Typologies

At Barça Innovation Hub, we offer different types of online programs, which depending on their duration are called:


  • Courses, which have a recommended duration of 1 month, 
  • Programs (which last 3 months), 
  • Certificates (which last 4 months), 
  • Specialized/Advance Program (which last 5, 6 or 7 months),
  • Professional Diploma (which last 8 or 9 months). 


Our academic model is designed so that you can count on adequate support, sufficient context and the right activities you need to effectively acquire and develop skills.

This means that the duration of our programs (courses, programs, certificates, diplomas) has a service structure defined by the following elements:

  • Online expert.
  • Activities
  • Discussions.

The duration of our programs (at the level of content as well as the subject matter covered and associated services) is designed to maximize the impact on your skills, establishing activities and incentives throughout the course.


Our Foundations

Focus on Skills – The MAC© Model

The program you are about to start has been designed on an innovative academic model, chosen for Barça Innovation Hub – Universitas with the aim of obtaining the desired impact, which is focused on the strengthening and acquisition of skills. This means that:

  • Based on the academic model and course contents, we intend to give an effective response to a context which demands new abilities and approaches.
  • It combines a proven and solid methodology with the creation of content by experts that are well-known in their specific fields of action.
  • It also involves cognitive processes, and as it is skill-oriented, the dimension of time as the main factor is discarded and it is centred on the results obtained.

The adopted skill-based learning model recognizes and develops two types of skills:

  • General Skills: these are linked to the behaviours and working attitudes related to different areas of production, such as the capacity to work in groups, negotiation and planning, among others. The generic competencies included in our design, which are developed in our courses through the implementation of different key learning objects, are:
    1. Collaborative Work
    2. Capacity for analysis/reflection as well as critical thought
    3. Creativity and innovative solutions based on knowledge
  • Specific Skills: these are related to the technical aspects directly linked with the profession, and are not easily transferred to other working contexts.

Deep Learning

Our model takes up the ideas of authors such as Jay McTighe and Harvey Silver, recognising students as active participants in the learning process. Under this premise, our programmes are developed based on two approaches:

  1. Core content areas: each course is made up of specific thematic units, which means content modules that will allow you to develop the competencies offered.
  2. Active creation of knowledge and meaning through concrete activities of application of the topics developed.

We aim to ensure that, after you have gone through our programmes, you will be able to transfer your knowledge to new contexts, based on an understanding of the ideas and processes on which our different thematic proposals focus.


The 4 Pillars of the Learning Process


As Barça Innovation Hub, we focus our learning proposals on the process itself rather than the result; a process that must respect a systematic order and focus on the acquisition of specific competencies. To achieve this, we base ourselves on 4 fundamental pillars:

  1. Attention, the mechanisms by which the brain selects information, amplifies, channels and deepens it.
  2. Active engagement; learning is only possible if we have a clear goal and we are fully involved.
  3. Review/Feedback. There are no mistakes as we learn, only a signal of error. Regular evaluation maximises long-term learning.
  4. Consolidation; is essential as it allows acquired resources to be made available for other purposes.

In the Barça Innovation Hub – Universitas platform, we have different program typologies, each of them with different impacts and designed with different objectives in mind.

For the online format, we offer five typologies: ‘Courses’, ‘Programs’, ‘Certificates’, ‘Specialized/Advanced Program’, and ‘Professional Diploma’, where the length and depth of the topics covered make for a substantial difference between them.


Our Courses have a duration of one month (taking into account the daily assignment of 1h 30 of work). Each Certificate is made up of 4 courses; each Program is made up of 3 to 7 courses; and each Professional Diploma is made up of 8 or 9 courses. In all cases, each course lasts ONE MONTH. Each one of them is completed sequentially (each course is completed over a month).


During a course, you must study and apply different learning objects organised in 4 modules within the course. This will help you go through the content in an orderly fashion.


Each of these learning objects is designed to motivate and facilitate the acquisition of the knowledge and skills offered by your chosen program:

  • Readings and videos.
  • Self-assessments for each module
  • Activities for each module, which you must deliver to complete the course. 
  • Final course exam, with two attempts in all cases.


To access your course, you must enter 


In the pop-up window “LOG IN”, you must log in using your username (the email address you registered with) and password:



Once you have logged in, you have to click on your user name and the following menu will pop up on the upper right corner of the page:



By clicking on “MY COURSES“, you will be able to see all the programs you acquired, with the corresponding starting dates and two options. You have to click on “SHOW CONTENT” and you will see the list of the courses in your program with their opening date.



Click on “GO TO CLASSES” in the current course. You will be immediately directed to the course platform.



You have to keep in mind that if you try to access before the classes’ start date, the content of the program will not be enabled (it will be available on the date indicated in the welcome e-mail you’ve already received).


Important: Please always check the date of each course.


When you click on “GO TO CLASSES” for the first time, you will have to complete the “OATH OF HONOUR” with your personal information: name, last name and ID number (passport, tax, identification). You should do it with capital letters and without nicknames. We suggest you review these conditions carefully because these are the conditions that you are going to agree to as a student. 

Once you have reviewed these conditions and completed all the information, click on “ACCEPT THE OATH OF HONOUR” and press ACCEPT.



When you have access to the current course, you will find the introductory video of the course. Once you have watched it, press START.


We have designed your experience in such a way that you will have to go through in order, beginning with the DIAGNOSTIC (Diagnostic Self-assessment) as a pre-mandatory requirement to unlock the following modules, readings and activities.